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Gym Bleacher Repair

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Gym Bleacher Repair


Is your sports facility or field in your school or athletic business suffering from jammed or dragging bleachers? Maybe bleachers deemed unsafe do to unstable or uneven parts in your bleachers? Fading Wooden Bleachers need of stain or coating? At Gym and Sports Solutions we can repair and maintain aluminum bleachers, wood bleachers, and telescopic bleachers for your facility. We are bleacher repair specialists and we can get your bleachers back on track.


We Fix Bleachers


If the bleachers are beginning to show cracks or unstableness due to the age of the structure or maybe due to constant use. You may just be in the need of maintenance to the structure and not in need of purchasing a new structure. Sometimes underneath the wood or aluminum structure can be ok to still use and you may be in need of a cosmetic repair to the facing or coating of the bleachers.


Bleacher Inspection


At gym and sport solutions we will inspect your seating structure to pin point the problem that is either a functional problem, or safety problem. Maintenance and repair is a necessary part of keeping your bleacher structure up to code.


Bleacher Replacement


If your school or sports facility is in need of bleacher replacement we offer wood and aluminum bleachers and bleacher systems. Our Wood Bleachers are made Southern Yellow Pine offered in standard sizes and custom specs. Our aluminum products are of excellent quality with Gym and Sport Solutions you are purchasing direct.


Bleacher Upgrades


Is your facility still using manual telescopic bleachers? If so Gym and Sport Solutions can upgrade your bleachers by installing a motorized system. By installing a motor system for your bleachers it offers more reliability and it’s a time saver.


Bleacher Installations


Gym and sport solutions offers aluminum and wood bleacher installations. We can install rails for safety and install retractable and motorized systems.
For over 5 Generations Gym and Sport Solutions has offered the best in quality products and professional service, the next time your school or sport facility is looking to get honest prices and quality service please make sure to call us.

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